Air Freight


Air Freight

Air Freight Transportation is an integral part of what we do and we work closely with major commercial airlines, cargo carriers and charters to provide our customers a competitive and reliable service.

We recognise that many businesses are conscious about not having cashflow tied up with stock stored in warehouses, or orders shipped by sea which means longer lead and transit times. As a result we have experienced a change in trend toward a ‘Just In Time’ methodology.

Therefore, we offer a wide range of air freight services, from parcel size movements up to pallets and even charted flights. More details can be found below.


Our Air Freight Services


Import services from thousands of airports throughout the globe, with fast and effective delivery turnarounds once landed in the UK.


Flexible export air services, through to all international airports, with a global network that provides a fast and efficient door delivery service.


Scheduled consolidated services departing and arriving on a daily or twice weekly basis for the most economical of air freight movement.  

Express & Direct

For more urgently required shipments, we offer express services or back to back airline bookings to ensure the fastest door to door transit times.


Competitively priced services for small packages and documents provided via a range of global and independent courier service providers.

Charter Flights

Global Freight Logistics offer extensive experience in self chartered flights for those large and urgent shipments that need close management and control.


Customs declaration services in the UK and abroad, including in depth knowledge of procedures and specialist regimes, to ensure fast clearance.

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