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One of the biggest challenges faced by any business buying and selling product is storage of their goods. The cost of owning and operating a warehouse is a huge overhead for any company and this combined with managing warehouse staff, equipment, health and safety regulations can be quite an expensive headache.

Globa Frieght Logistics is dedicated to making your business more cost effective and when it comes to storage we offer a range of procedures and warehousing facilities that are strategically located across the UK.

General Warehousing

Our storage facilities throughout the UK offer high standards of secure, clean and dry warehousing space with computerised inventory management. To complement this we are also able to provide a range of additional services such as pick and pack, labelling, palletisation and national & international distribution.

Bonded Warehousing

A bonded warehouse is a warehouse for storing goods that are typically of non-EU status with duties unpaid stored under customs bond. Such goods are considered joint custody of the importer,warehouse keeper or import agent and local customs authority.

For importers, bonded warehousing can provide massive benefits. The most attractive benefit is cash flow management with the ability to legally defer payments of customs Duty and VAT on non EU imported goods. Using our bonded warehouse facilities means you can store your imported goods without having the overhead of your own warehouse operation easing your cash flow by only paying customs Duty & VAT when committed orders from your customers require delivery.

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